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As an Early Childhood Educator, Ontario Certified Teacher and a Mom, I have seen the impact STEAM programming has on young children. There are many developmental benefits of STEAM programming for young children including fine motor skills, cognitive development, communication skills, decision-making, inventiveness, and visual learning. 


Founding TinkerLab has been a work in progress for me, a dream of mine for many years. I believe all children are creative and capable of designing dynamic works of art if given the freedom to explore and make a mess. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. TinkerLab adds Art in all of its programming as Art adds the important creative element that is necessary to problem solve and design. It is difficult to solve technical and scientific problems without creativity and imagination. 


I founded TinkerLab to give families the opportunity to let the children be artists as well as scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. When children are encouraged to be creative and use their imagination it shows them that the process of thinking and doing is just as important as completing the final product. 


TinkerLab encourages parents to let their children be artists. Let them be scientists. Let them explore. Let them play. Let them use the paint, and make the mess ,and be inventive. 


Children get one childhood. Let’s let them live it! 

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