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Mother's Day and Father's Day Creative Gift Kits

Kits for children 18 months - 10 years

Handmade gifts to parents from your children are here! Each kit comes with everything your child needs to create a personalized kit for their mamas and papas. 

Mother's Day Kits                                                                          $50.00

Make Mom's Day with one of our creative kits. Your child will create a 12" hanging round door sign, candle holder, and card. The sign is designed with the words "welcome to our home" or "hello" or can be personalized with your family's last name. Your child will paint the sign (your choice of colour) and add details to the sign using marker. 

Mother's Day Kits are available for order until Saturday, May 1st. 

Father's Day Kits                                                                          $50.00

Hand made Father's Day gifts are available! Each kit comes with everything your child needs to create a personalized Beer Flight for the dad in their life. Each Beer Flight Creative Kit comes with a wood board with holes for tasting glasses, 4 tasting glasses, paints, marker, card making supplies and instructions to inspire your child's creativity. 

Father's Day Kits are available for preorder with pick up and delivery available beginning April 27th. Kits are available for purchase until Saturday, June 5th. 


Creative Kit

Creative Activities for children 2 years - 10 years                                         $50.00

These creative kits have everything you need to keep your tinkerer busy at home! Each kit contains all of the materials needed to complete a variety of art, science and engineering activities. They also have a number of creative activity ideas your child can independently do with materials you have on hand. 

2 kits to choose from: 

Explorers: Ages 2 - 6 years. This kit is ideal for children who want to explore materials, make (small!) messes and work with an adult. 

Creators: Ages 5-10 years. This kit offers a variety of creative activities that your child can do independently.


Play Dough Kit

Imaginative Play for children 2 years - 6 years                                             $25.00

Our playdough kits contain 3 colours of playdough, mini figures in the theme of the kit, and all of the fun creative pieces your explorer will need for hours of play! 

*Your playdough comes in sealable containers and will last up to two months if cared for properly. 


Playdough Kit themes include:



Monster Trucks or Construction 

Fairies and Unicorns


Mythological Creatures

*Small Pieces  **Please supervise young children


Mask Making 

Imaginative Play for children 2.5 years - 8 years                                          $25.00

Enhance your child's creative play time with our Mask Making Kit. You'll receive all of the materials needed to create a variety of masks for your child to design. Provides hours of imaginative play! 


Castle Kit

Imaginative Play for children 3 years +                                         $115.00

Transport yourself into a world of knights and princesses or create a magical castle of witchcraft and wizardry. Design your very own castle complete with characters, furniture, rugs, miniature foods and sculpting dragons. 

Each kit contains paints, glue, yarn, plasticine, model magic and a variety of loose parts for building. 

Castle Kits are available April 20th - May 1st. Each kit comes with video tutorials to guide y our child's creativity and inspire their imagination. 


Gift Kits

Creative Activities for children 2 years - 10 years

Celebrate your moms, dads, grandparents, family and friends with TinkerLab's Creative Gift Kits. Each kit comes with all of the materials needed to create a personalized gift. We even include the wrapping paper! 

Kits are prepared for the following celebrations:

Valentine's Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day

Grandparent's Day

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